“If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature...”
- 2 Cor 5:17

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My Portion Of The Cross

My Lord has conquered calvary.
    His labor there is done.
Through death, despair and cruelty,
    His victories were won.
Though He assumed my guilt and blame
    I lacked one thing because
I failed to yield and rightly claim
    My portion of the cross.

By thorns His brow was rent and torn.
    His nail-pierced hands were sore.
His saddened face betrayed no scorn
    Despite the pain He bore.
He suffered mortal death and shame,
    With agony and loss.
As duty bound I pledge to claim
    My portion of the cross.

He is the Savior of mankind.
    Our lives and love we share.
Our entities are intertwined
    Through fellowship and prayer.
For Christ I spurn all worldly fame,
    To sin I now give pause.
I yield my heart and gladly claim
    My portion of the cross.