“If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature...”
- 2 Cor 5:17

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Lord, My Eyes Are Sadly Shrouded

Lord, my eyes are sadly shrouded
    By the blinding shades of sin
That has left my soul beclouded,
    And bereft of peace within.
Lest I flounder in the night,
Keep me righteous in Your sight.
Liberate me from oppression.
Make me, Lord, Your own possession.

Cause our fellowship to strengthen
    By the sacred bonds of love.
May the day of mercy lengthen
    As the timeless days above.
Take me by the hand I pray.
Hold me so I cannot stray.
Be, 0 Lord, my one attraction,
And the grounds for every action.

May Your lamp of love be burning
    Like the Savior's natal star.
Be the light of my sojourning.
    Lest I wander ill afar.
Sanction that immortal part
Which preserves each faithful heart.
Thanks for blessings You did render,
And for mercies kind and tender.