Gen Exo Lev Num Deu Jos Jdg Rth
1Sa 2Sa 1Ki 2Ki 1Ch 2Ch Ezr Neh
Est Job Psa Pro Ecc SS Isa Jer
Lam Eze Dan Hos Joe Amo Oba Jon
Mic Nah Hab Zep Hag Zec Mal
Mat Mar Luk Joh Act Rom 1Co 2Co
Gal Eph Phi Col 1Th 2Th 1Ti 2Ti
Tit Phm Heb Jam 1Pe 2Pe 1Jo 2Jo
3Jo Jud Rev

49,775 Cross-References
The Bible cross references have been dutifully copied from 1914 A. J. Holman Company's Holman Home Bible in the public domain.
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