“If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature...”
- 2 Cor 5:17

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We Praise The Lord

We praise the Lord, our spirit's liberator
    Who lends the hand of mercy, faith, and love.
Behold the Savior, Master and Creator
    Who built us mansions in His house above.

We praise the Lord whose benefits we treasure.
    Our every need His ministries attend.
He nurtures us with truth we cannot measure,
    And feeds our souls with love that knows no end.

We praise the Lord who penned the Gospel story
    That told us of His gentle love and grace.
He saved our souls, and now He dwells in glory
    With all the ransomed in His fond embrace.

We praise the Lord whose mercy is unending.
    With perfect love He consummates the soul.
With tearful eyes and wounded hands extending
    He offers mercy that shall make us whole.

We praise the Lord in joyous exultation.
    Our voices ring with harmony and song.
Our hearts are raised, in prayerful adoration,
    To Him whom reverence and praise belong.